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Italian GP | Nico Hulkenberg and Carlos Sainz hoping for a crazy race on Sunday

The German driver will start from the last spot of the grid on Sunday, because of several penalties combined, while Carlos Sainz hopes for "chaos" and says F1 needs to develop towards "non DRS cars".

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Italian GP | Nico Hulkenberg and Carlos Sainz hoping for a crazy race on Sunday
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The fast Monza track is causing some troubles for Renault too, as they have the 4th place in the Championship constructors to stick up for from Haas.
It is not going to be an easy job as Nico Hulkenberg will start last thanks to his penalty for the contact he caused in Spa, plus penalties for engine components replacement.

The German driver is then focused on Sunday as he is going to do just one lap during Qualifying, but admits wet FP1 helped the team to discover and learn new things about the RS18.

Even with the rain we still learnt something, especially with intermediate tyres cause in the past we have been struggling with that compound, so it was quite useful for us. The afternoon was fun too, we tested some new aero parts."

The German also rules out setup issues in Spa. "Set up issues in spa? More for Carlos, he was struggling while I was very happy on Saturday, we made a good qualifying and I won’t do tomorrow as well. The focus is on Sunday. Today was okay looking at the timesheets, but the car was balanced worse, especially the through – corner balance in sector 2 and 3, so we have to look at the data."

Both Renault were quite close to the Force India on the timed lap and Carlos Sainz knows that Quali is going to be difficult.  

"We expect to be more or less where we were in practice. Normally Mercedes and Ferrari engines have a bit more in the pocket for qualifying and they will put a little more power than us, they always do, but still we’re gonna try, we still have our options especially on Sunday." 

"The goal is always to score points with both cars, it doesn’t matter where you start, where you qualify." Continues the spaniard. "The goal is always to have a better picture than Saturday, we are realistic: we know it’s gonna be very challenging here but we also know that everything can happen during the race."

The Spaniard hopes then for some "chaos" as not just Force India, but Sauber can be a threat too. 

"We are in a similar position compared to spa: we need to find the pace to try to fight Force India, which are clearly ahead,  even the Sauber, we are working on it, we’re trying to experiment things with the car to find the performance. I’m really looking forward to the next track, we know we’re gonna be better, but here, as always, we can’t express our maximum potential, but we know on Sunday in Monza normally things happen. I enjoy the chaos, I embrace it." 

"We are still working on the chassis, the downforce, we were suffering from stability, a bit of oversteer in Spa."

Carlos has then some words about Marcuss Ericsson accident, suggesting that Formula 1 should go towards a non DRS car.  

"I'm glad he is okay, but this artificial device, DRS, it’s a dangerous thing: if it doesn’t close the car really changes completely, on balance, on performances, so I’m wondering if F1 can develop towards a non – DRS car and no need for DRS to overtake. I can feel we need it now, to overtake or else it would be pretty much impossible."



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