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Singapore GP | Leclerc happy with qualifying despite Q3 miss

Charles Leclerc talked us through today's qualifying, Sauber's past and future and what he learnt from F2 in terms of raw skills as well as dealing with the media.

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Singapore GP | Leclerc happy with qualifying despite Q3 miss
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Charles Leclerc qualfied 13th, missing out to Q3 by just one tenth and a half. Despite the fact that the Sauber does not fit the characteristics of the Marina Bay circuit, Leclerc is pretty satisfied with today's qualifying.

"We should be happy every time we are using the maximum potential of the car, obviously I would be happier with a better result in terms of position but in terms of lap, I’m happy about it. Car balance was good. It’s just a shame we are not extremely strong on this car but it was a good qualifying."

Concerning the updates Sauber brought to Singapore he declared: "Very small updates, we did not really felt them but it is always a step in the right direction. The others are still pushing on this year’s cars, you can see it. Three or four races ago we were a bit stronger like in Silverstone, but we are still quite competitive and close to Q3, 0.150s off."

"Yesterday was a very difficult day, also the quali pace was not strong. We did quite a bit of changes and hopefully we can be as strong tomorrow."

"A one-stop strategy could be possible, it will be more difficult to the Q3 qualifiers to achieve it but for us it’ll be fine."

Leclerc also stated that he learnt much from F2, including: "Racecraft, the mentality to go into the weekend is very important as well as tyre management, which in F2 is even more difficult than it is in F1. The sprint race is always on the limit to finish it with the tyres, and also the first race with only one pit stop is on the limit with both compounds. Then the professionalism of the team is a big thing, also getting to know the tracks."

As you ascend from a category to another, the time spent with PR, events and the media increases significantly. Formula 2 played a key role in Leclerc's media training, as he confirmed: "It helps as well, F1 is on another level but last year things were going well for me so I already had quite a bit of media there, which prepares you well with F1."

The Monegasque also spent a quick word on the legacy he will be handing out to Kimi Raikkonen and his teammate from next year onwards, looking back at how far the team has come and how it has got over its financial and technical issues.

"I have been very lucky to start with Sauber this year. They have given me a car to show my potential. Looking at the previous two or three years for the team it was not easy, and not only for the team but also for the drivers, because when you are so far back you can’t really show your potential. This year I’m in the lucky position where they gave me a car through which I can show what I can do."

"There is a plan for the future of the team. They have grown massively from the first race until now. I have complete belief they will continue to grow in the next seasons."

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