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The Heat Of Battle – How FLIR Thermal Imagery Helps Red Bull At F1 Demos (Ft. Max Verstappen) | M1TG

The Red Bull Racing team is a master when it comes about shows around the world, but don't think they're easy as they look: discover everything in the video in collaboration with Mobil 1 The Grid.

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The Heat Of Battle – How FLIR Thermal Imagery Helps Red Bull At F1 Demos (Ft. Max Verstappen) | M1TG
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The Dutch Grand Prix is still in talks and is everything the Dutch fans are waiting for (together with seeing their idol being world champion), but in the mean time, Red Bull Racing has pleased the orange audience with a spectacular show in Zandvoort, the Netherlands.

The Austrian team is no stranger to this shows, has they have a decade experience of shows during the recent years all round the world, from the hottest beaches to the coldest mountains.  

This time, it was Max Verstappen the one to entertain his own fans in Zandvoort, but don’t believe these shows are easier than a Formula 1 session!

Even in these events, several mechanics and engineers are required, mostly to control the car and all the components temperatures, especially the engine’s.

There’s a range of temperature that the car should stay in, or else the team must stop the car. The way the drivers go on the throttle or use the brakes can help, but sometimes it’s difficult, considering short distances or unusual environments.

The driver can help by going steady on the throttle, he can cool the car by cruising in high gears at high speeds and slower speeds, and everything he does can help keep the temperatures cool.” Says Mark Willis, Support Team Coordinator, to Mobil 1 The Grid.

Mainly the temperature of the car becomes a problem if we are doing donuts, not allowed to go over a certain temperature. So i just have to stay aware of that, i look on the dash and as soon as i see it’s coming up to that i stop the donuts and continue driving, because if i drive as it should be the temperatures are well controlled.” Adds Max Verstappen, who shared the stage in Zandvoort with team mate Daniel Ricciardo and David Coulthard.

The show in Zandvoort was actually the first time the team employed FLIR thermal imaging cameras, to see where exactly the heat is generated in the car.

The flare cameras have helped a lot this weekend, they’ve shown us where tyres temperatures over a lap, brake temperatures, engine temperatures, and doing events like this where we do burnout donuts and high speed stuff and slow speed stuff, it gives us a good insight into where we can maximize the car performance.” Continue Mark Willis.

Before flare cameras, the team already discovered some tricks to maximize performances and control temperatures, especially considering all the wonderful environments they touched during all these years.

To discover more about Red Bull shows, exclusive footages and how the flare cameras can help take a look at the video below in collaboration with Red Bull Racing and Mobil 1 The Grid.

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