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Russian GP | Sergey Sirotkin: “We are talking about Formula 1, you can’t have the 100% confidence here”

Russian Formula 1 driver Sergey Sirotkin talks his contract with Williams, home race and the progress of the car.

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Russian GP | Sergey Sirotkin: “We are talking about Formula 1, you can’t have the 100% confidence here”
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Williams driver Sergey Sirotkin is making his debut season in the F1 championship. Over the winter, when Williams confirmed the contract with the Russian driver, it was called like a “multi-year” contract. But still there are no news about  Sirotkin’s future with the team.  Nevertheless, Sergey is quite calm about it.

“Unfortunately, we are talking about Formula 1. You can’t have the 100% confident here in anything. So, no, I don’t confident about next season for 100%. But also, there is no concern about it”.

As a matter of face, it’s likely that next season Formula 1 is going to welcome another Russian driver, and even, probably, not only one. Sirotkin said if this happens it will be a huge development for motorsports in Russia.

«Personally, I’ll be happy for them. It’s good for them as for drivers and in general for Autosport in Russia. So, I have nothing against their coming. As for my work, actually, it doesn’t affect on it any way».

The start of the season-2018 was very difficult for the team and for the driver as well. Now Williams is still on the last place in the Constructors’ Standings. Sergey says the team has shown progress every race, but sometimes this progress is too small to compare it to the rivals.

“The drive ability of the car, obviously, became higher. But we need understand it doesn’t mean we have the best car in the championship. We have a lot of things to improve. But any way compared with the beginning of the year, the progress is evident”.

“Our problems were so huge and particularly difficult to understanding, that it took a long time to solve them. That’s why we just can’t progress as fast as other teams do it. So, we are on the same positions”.

The Russian stage is the home Grand Prix for Sergey, and one of the most important races for him and the team. Sirotkin says the team has some updates for Sochi weekend.

 «To be honest, we have updates in every stage. And we prepared some of them for Sochi too. But the question is if these updates of the car can improve the results on the track. It’s completely different things”.

Also, Sirotkin hopes the chilly temperatures in Sochi – about 20 degrees – will help the team on the track.

«Such a weather as we have today is very good for us. If it remains all weekend, it will very help us. On this track combination of air and track temperature, and, of course, tyres is playing a big role. And we can get a lot of surprises from it, as good as bad”.



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