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Coping with pressure - Vettel edition

Losing a championship, dealing with a fiery new teammate, committing errors. Other than the pressure coming from his role at Ferrari, Vettel is currently going through all of this. Let's find out how impactful the aforementioned factors are on his mental state as a sportsman.

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Coping with pressure - Vettel edition
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Sebastian Vettel is carrying a heavy burden on his shoulders, containing the pressure that derives from him and the team’s recent shortcomings. In addition to that, Leclerc’s arrival to Ferrari next year might give the German a headache, as intra-team dynamics will change dramatically.

Vettel will therefore be catapulted out of his comfort zone, as his spunky teammate already targets the title. The German, however, reiterated in Singapore that his main focus lies on the 2018 title and opened up about the way he is trying to maintain a stable sportive mindset. “Of course I have pressure,” Vettel told Auto Bild, “but most of the time I put it on myself.

“If you know what you can do and you do not achieve it, then you are not satisfied."

Psychologists are no stranger to F1 drivers, as many have dealt with one to overcome different situations and traumas coming from the sport.  The four-time champion would not rule it out completely. “I find the idea very interesting, -he said- but I have not met a person that I think can help. I’ve already researched it a bit, so the whole topic has not passed me by. When you have stress, you need to find balance.

“I have developed things that work for me. And I have enough self-discipline, so as not to be confused.”

Vettel has received a considerable amount of critiques and heat from the media lately, but he is not letting it get into his head. In fact, the German declared he usually does not pay heed to headlines nor articles about F1, which allows him to survive and preserve a more peaceful state of mind. “In my spare time I hardly read articles about Formula One, more about football. I do not let criticism get to me and that saves me dealing with it.

“Generally, my motto is: ‘You’re never as good as people say and you’re never as bad as they say’.”

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