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Russian GP | Sirotkin: “The one pit stop strategy is optimal”

Sergey Sirotkin about Saturday qualifying and plans for tomorrow race.

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Russian GP | Sirotkin: “The one pit stop strategy is optimal”
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The Russian Sergey Sirotkin has qualified today on the 18th position, again ahead of his teammate Lance Stroll. While the team has not a lot of strong potential of the car, the only fight of Williams' drivers is between themselves.

At that moment Stroll is beaten by Sergey with the score 10:6, but Sirotkin gives more attention to his feeling in the car than to the qualifying battle with Lance.

“Obviously, someone is interested in the numbers, but it’s more important for me to give attention to the pace and how I feel myself in my car. And it feels good here. It’s not the matter of some numbers, it’s the matter of feeling your own pace relative to a teammate or other drivers”.

At Sochi track Sergey had driven three different racing cars – Sauber, Renault and now Williams. The driver said it’s hard to compare, but the experience he had driving different cars is a huge.

“It’s quite difficult to compare my performances on the different types of cars, because there were different years. Obviously, the experience and memories are with me, and it was very important and needed for my racing career”.

The main topic of Sunday race is certainly a strategy. Sergey calls the one pit stop perfect for tomorrow, but he is sure some of the teams definitely will use an alternative.

“The one pit stop strategy is optimal. But again, you never know what’s going to happen, especially on the start or among first ten-top drivers, which will start on the HyperSoft. So, I won’t be surprised some teams will try alternative strategy. Anyway, it’s not a «plan A»”.

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