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Lewis Hamilton’s most consistent and master-class season to date.

Whilst I’m not a Hamilton fan, I just wanted to give my view on his 2018 season so far.

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Lewis Hamilton’s most consistent and master-class season to date.
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Lewis this season was always going to be hard to beat and it showed from the outset from the first race in Melbourne with his astonishing qualifying lap 5 tenths ahead of the field which we all thought would be the norm at this point with the heavy talks of party modes at the time which I thought at the time was over-hyped as I knew Ferrari was taking a while to understand this year’s car.


Vettel came out with the win for the race that Sunday due to the VSC that he took advantage but the way Lewis was fighting so hard behind him in 2nd to catch up and pleaded with his team with high engine modes impressed me and at this point I knew it would be difficult for Ferrari to tackle the almighty Lewis Hamilton.


Was on the back foot in Bahrain due to a change of gearbox but again on the charge and done a double overtake which I think was not that impressive at the time but nevertheless still got the job done finishing in 3rd only 6 tenths behind the front 2.


In China it was one of his weaker races this season along with Baku which followed, which surprisingly took the win after all the mayhem and took place, This was also the first time Vettel starting to crack under pressure with his lock up into turn one after the safety car but Lewis kept composure throughout the whole Baku GP and that's why he won.


Utter dominance in Spain, Credit to him and team here, Not a foot wrong, Next race in Monaco known to be a weak track for Mercedes, Lewis had no answer for the top 3, A track that is very difficult to overtake on.


Now Canada was the last drop of form I would see Lewis in as he would be very consistent from this point on, Finishing the race in a distant 5th not helped by the late power unit upgrade


From the French GP onwards I knew at this point Vettel and Ferrari were toast in this year's world title challenge as Vettel once again makes a mistake going into turn one hitting Bottas as a result which Lewis would never have done, He would have played the long game and waited, You can lose the race on the corner not lose it, Lewis went on to win and totally deserved


Austria GP finally ended his reign of consecutive finishes in the points when he had a failure, However, he kept composed afterwards and protected the team, Keeping a cool head at all times which you need to excel in this sport.


Now on to Silverstone which was one of the Qualifying laps I have ever seen, Lewis and Sebastian battling it out for pole position, What F1 is all about and wish we had more of these battles, When Lewis got pole and pinched Vettel for pole I was disappointed but when seeing how much he worked hard in front of the British fans was quite heartwarming and I truly believe he is the best qualifier Formula 1 has ever seen.


The race he was slow at the start and Vettel jumped him, Kimi then spins at turn 3, Totally Kimi’s fault, Lewis mighty drive to 2nd was excellent, The last few races of this race was the best I have seen 2 Mercedes vs 2 Ferrari’s was epic and will never forget it.


His German GP was nothing but excellent after his failure in qualifying which left him starting down the field, Picking his battles nicely and driving through the wet unfazed and on Ultra’s was nothing but master-class.


Qualifying in the wet at the Hungarian GP was also quite impressive as well as the race, Not a foot wrong.


At the Belgium GP He had no answer for Vettel after he passed him on the straight with the power advantage they had the time but even then I knew Lewis was not gonna let this slide as he is normally strong after the summer break and my was he just that at the Italian GP, With his move on Vettel, Lewis dug his arms here as he had to have any chance of winning and he did, Which he did nothing wrong as Vettel should have known he was toast at that point and suffered his 2nd position, One’s of Lewis’s best moves this season and totally deserved the win.

Hamiltion's move on Vettel


Very straightforward pole to win in Singapore, Russian GP not so much when he qualified 2nd behind his team-mate and but kept Vettel at bay on the first lap which was crucial, Went on to win the race after team-orders but that's a talk for another day.


Straight pole to finish in Japan, Got the job done,


No mistakes this season vs Vettel’s few he has done throughout the season, Vettel tries too hard when Hamilton keeps composure and knows hows to pick his lines and his battles, and that's why I think Lewis totally deserves the title this year which is very likely he win at the US GP this season and can’t fault him for it.

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