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USA GP | Thursday drivers press conference

Facing the press: Lewis Hamilton (Merdedes), Fernando Alonso (McLaren), Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull) and Romain Grosjean (Haas)

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USA GP | Thursday drivers press conference
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The Austin Grand Prix can gift the Formula 1 fans with a new world Champion, if the number 44 wins the race: Lewis Hamilton is not thinking about it that much, as he doesn't want too add too much pressure to this weekend.

"We're focused on the goal, there are still 100 points available. We expect Ferrari to react this weekend, we're not thinking about winning the championship on Sunday, i'm focusing like every weekend. Tomorrow we exepct some rain, it can be difficult, i'm focusing on that. We can't relax, we need to raise the bar again." Said the Briton, that some days ago he defended Sebastian Vettel on Instagram, after the critics the Ferrari driver received.

"I think that if Sebastian was in my place he would've done the same. There should be respect between drivers, he is a 4 times world champion and it has been a tough season. Several times he has always been respectful towards me, so i did the same." Added Hamilton.

Like last year, the fight for the championship has been really close until the summer break.

"I noticee I improve throughout the year. As a team we've done a better job in every area whilethe other side perhaps haven't done such a good job in the second phase of the season."

If there's a driver who will spend some time in America next year, that is Fernando Alonso, who is stil keeping some mistery about his future.

"Next year i'll have more spare time, i'll come to the usa on holiday." The Spaniard joked. "The indy 500 is still attractive to me. i'm still working on my future, When i'll know you'll know."

About the weekend, the goal for him and McLaren is to be in the Top 10 and earn points. The Spaniard also spent some good words for his ex team mate Lewis Hamilton, who is likely about to be World Champion for the fifth time.

"It was difficult at the time to expect what the future could bring to Lewis or anyone else. He always showed his talent, he has always fighted, it was clear a carrer like the one he has was possible. He has had a tough time in McLaren, Mercedes wasn't a smart move in 2013, but he has won races even with a non competitive car, I'm happy for him."

If Fernando is looking at his future in America, Daniel Ricciardo his waiting for his new adventure to start with Renault next year, after a long journey with Red Bull.

"It's encouraging to know there's still a lot work to do. The team is expanding the factory, they got a lot of resouces, it would be great to see them improve at every race, but we'll start from zero with a new car next season." Says a hopeful Ricciardo, who is enjoing America and the COTA circuit. "It's gonna be exciting even without rain." he added.

Romain Grosjean will dispute the home GP for his team and it's going to be an exciting race for them too. 

"We are fighting renault in the constructors championship. We have a competitive car compared to last season. i made some mistakes at the start of the season, but things are getting better now."

The new Formula 1 regulations were out today and there's a new rule about the driver's weight, which says that "the reference weight of the driver will be added to the weight of any ballast designated for this purpose and, at no time during the event, may this be less than 80kg". This will give drivers more freedom about their diet and phisical activity.

"It's gonna be easier for heavier drivers, we always worked on it and we will continue, but this means we can also be stronger. For the taller driver its gonna be easier." Said Hamilton.
"We can eat more, but excercise more too." Added Ricciardo.

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