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Abu Dhabi GP | Perez: “My relationship with Ocon was never good”

Sergio Perez talks Force India, Esteban Ocon as his teammate and what happened in Brazil between the Frenchman and Max Verstappen.

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Abu Dhabi GP | Perez: “My relationship with Ocon was never good”
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Sergio Perez reflects on the 2018 season, which has been full of ups and downs amis the changes Force India underwent. 

Speaking about Force India going into administration and its consecutive takeover by the Stroll-backed consortium he said: “We had a very difficult time, with lots of changes and preparations but I am very happy with the outcome. Lawrence is very enthusiastic about this long-term project but we are all aware that it takes time to be successful. Personally I am very excited as well, I’ve been chatting about it with mechanics, engineers and catering.

When it comes to assessing his 2018 performance against his teammate, Perez was proud to say that in the race he turned out to be the better man.

“In qualifying Esteban (Ocon) had the upper hand but in the race I always made the difference”

Asked about his relationship with the Frenchman, he got brutally honest: “It was never great. We never spent much time together outside of the car. We are just very professional but our relationship was very flat. It usually gets better when you are no longer teammates.” 

Esteban Ocon was involved in a rather controversial act in Brazil, causing a collision with race leader Max Verstappen while trying to unlap himself. Sergio thinks both racers were at fault. “It was very unfortunate. -he said - Esteban tried too much against the race leader but Max didn’t give him enough space either. A lot of people, however, have been too harsh with Ocon. He is a good driver. And Max made a mistake as well. In Esteban’s shoes, I would have unlapped myself, but taking less risks.

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