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The Sorrows of the young Vettel

Sebastian Vettel is about to start is fifth season in red, this time with a new team mate: Charles Leclerc. The young Monegasque has a big role to fill and so has Vettel, a man who doesn’t like changes that much. Will the 2019 season decide the fate of the four-time World Champion?

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The Sorrows of the young Vettel
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Let’s say it: in the last years, destiny, fate, luck or whatever you want to call it, hasn’t been that good to Sebastian Vettel.

The 2019 season is going to be the fifth season with the Prancing Horse team for him and, despite being so close at the start of the 2018’s championship, he failed to conquer the victory from his now long-time rival Lewis Hamilton.

As we all know, even if Ferrari had built a better car and managed to win several GPs at the start of last season, and despite a “bad” start from Mercedes, the German team recovered the disadvantage by introducing new working updates, while Ferrari lost it with mistakes, internal fights, Marchionne’s passing, and other changes in the team. Last, but not the least, Vettel’s team mate next year: Charles Leclerc.

Leclerc caused several conversations from his early days, until he debuted in Formula 1 with Sauber and earned his seat in Ferrari.

Ferrari’s philosophy is not a mistery: through the years we’ve seen Michael swapping places on podium with Barrichello, we’ve heard Rob Smedley suggesting that “Fernando is faster than you” to Felipe Massa, we’ve seen Kimi Raikkonen being the fiery Sancho Panza to his Don Quixote.

But will we see history repeat itself in 2019?

A lot is changing in Ferrari and that is no news: after Marchionne’s passing, a new president has took the lead last summer, John Elkann, along with a new CEO, Louis Carey Camilleri. Also, Maurizio Arrivabene has left his role with Mattia Binotto stepping in as the new team principal.

Why the need to list all these changes in Ferrari?

These changes, alongside “accidents” during the season (the attempt to overtake Bottas in Baku, wrong strategies, the disastrous accident in Germany), but also other episodes happened during the past seasons show that Sebastian Vettel doesn’t like changes.

The big first change he faced in his career? Daniel Ricciardo.

Vettel has had an easy life during his winning years in Red Bull; surely, Fernando Alonso gave him something to worry about in 2010 and 2012, but nothing really came in Vettel way into his team, nothing really changed or disturbed his quiet living.

As soon as the Aussie became Vettel’s team mate, he started to demolish the blonde German both sportingly and psychologically, with him deciding to move to Ferrari, where he had a pretty easy life.

The scheme of the first and second driver has been followed with Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen too; everyone surely remembers Ferrari’s long waited victory in Montecarlo after 16 years. And remarkable was Kimi’s face too.

Now, Kimi is a world champion, still hungry for victories, yes,  but surely he is not a hungry, young, excited driver who has earned a seat in Ferrari in his second year in Formula 1.

Charles Leclerc is without a doubt a star and is destined to do achieve great thing in this sport; some passionate fans already bet on him to collect more points than Vettel in 2019, others still think that it is too soon for him to fight for the championship. Others are completely sure that he will step behind Vettel.

If Leclerc will be Vettel’s new Sancho Panza is hard to tell, as it is hard to say how well he is going to perform in his new suit. Undoubtedly this will hurt Vettel stability, maybe in the same way Ricciardo did way back in 2014.

After Daniel outscored him, Vettel moved away from a team which gave him literally everything: but what if he decides to walk away from Ferrari, what’s left on the grid for him?

The 2019 season is crucial for the four-time World Champion: is future can depend on the fate of this championship.

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