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Pirelli’s 2019 tyres explained at the Barcelona Winter Tests

Motorsport racing manager Mario Isola described what’s new with Pirelli’s 2019 Formula 1 Tyres at Day 1 of testing in Montmelò

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Pirelli’s 2019 tyres explained at the Barcelona Winter Tests
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Season 2019 comes with a refresh of the range of tyres from the Italian tyres manufacturer. There will be five compounds throughout all the season, and they will be in just three colours during race weekends as fans requested: white, yellow, red. They are all on track during winter tests in Barcelona, as they are numbered from one to five, where C1 is the hardest and C5 is the softest compound.

Pirelli's 2019 tyres range

During the two weeks of tests sessions in Montmelò is not going to be very easy to recognize C1 from C2 (white ones) and C4 from C5 (red ones), as the only difference will be on the branding sides, where C1 and C5 won’t carry the usual stripes on the side. Pirelli is also bringing a prototype tyre in Barcelona, which don’t have any markings, which Perez already tried in the morning.

A really interesting news is about thinner treads tyres, which Pirelli used in new surfaced track like Barcelona. The heating preventing objective was successfully achieved – Pirelli reports – and that’s why a similar tread reduction will be on all 2019 tyres, where every race this year will feature the same tyre construction.

Maximum temperature of the tyre blankets

Another move for 2019 is the reduced maximum temperature on the tyre blankets at the rear which will be 80 degrees centigrade, as front tyre blankets temperature will remain at the current 100 degrees. Pirelli's Mario Isola admit they tried in Abu Dhabi also to bring 80 degrees centigrades on front tyres, but data showed that it could be unsafe on warmer circuits, where it could be an issue to cool down too much front tyres on main straights (as in Baku) as drivers might have problems to find the right directionality in the following turn. 

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