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Sebastian Vettel: the car is close to ideal

The first Vettel’s impressions of the new Ferrari car.

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Sebastian Vettel: the car is close to ideal
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Today the F1 tests have started in Barcelona. On the first testing day Scuderia Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel has set the best time 1:18.161 and drove 169 laps.

The German is pretty happy with the speed and power of the new Ferrari SF90.

“We couldn’t have hoped for a better day. It is unbelievable, I think the car was working very well. We had no issues slowing us down. We actually complete the program just the way we wanted, and we were able to squeeze a little bit more out even”, - said Vettel.

“It seems the car is working, I feel comfortable. Obviously, I’m still a bit rusty because I haven’t driven for a couple of months. The car is working well, I’m very happy it is doing what I want. So, I’m very pleased at the moment”.

However, despite the very impressive results and good feelings of the car, Sebastian has urged not to jump to conclusions.

“Obviously, it is very early, the first day, it is meaning less in a couple of weeks, but for now I think huge compliments to everyone back in the factory. How they tackled the new rules, new regulations, what they put on track today is very close to perfection”.

“The amount of laps that we did, how the team was handling with the car and obviously everything is more on the edge compared to last year car and tight and so on, what you had imagine but as I said no major dramas. So, from that point of view we were very, very well prepared”.

The season-2019 will become the fifth season for Sebastian in Ferrari. Namely at the same time Michael Schumacher won his first title with Scuderia. It seems the story should repeat itself, but Sebastian is calm about it and focusing on the future season.

“It’s too early. I think, obviously, it doesn’t feel like five years to be honest, but that what it is. I hope that this year we get to have a lot of fun, fun means to win a lot of races and fighting for the championship that, obviously, what we want. If we can maintain the level of enjoyment and fun that I found on the track today and saw in people's faces the last couple of months then I'm positive and hopeful for the future.”

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