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Robert Kubica - "We finally have a car"

There is still a long way to go for Williams. The team's brand new challenger has hit the track for the first time only yesterday. Robert Kubica and George Russell finally have a car, but the real testing session will only begin next week.

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Robert Kubica - "We finally have a car"
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It has been a long awaited return to the Formula 1 grid, but it seems like Robert Kubica is not having that much luck.
The FW42 has hit the track for the first time only yesterday, with the Grove based team missing the firsts two days of testing in Barcelona.

George Russell had the honour to introduce the FW42 to the track, for just 23 shakedwon and installations lap. Today was Kubica's turn to drive, as he collected 48 laps before leaving the seat to his team mate for the afternoon session.

"Finally I have a car, so hopefully next week we can concentrate on preparing better for the first race, because it's close." Said the Polish, who is in Barcellona since last Friday and waited so long to finally drive his Williams as an official driver for the first time since 9 years.

It wasn't a perfect return, as Williams had to wait two days to finally start their testing session. "I got the opportunity for 12 laps to get a feel for the car, which is of course limiting. It wasn't an easy morning."

It felt like a "filiming day" for Kubica, who will start the real testing work after some building delays that forced the team to keep their brand new challenger in the garage.

Kubica clocked his personal fastest time of 1.21.542s, almost 4 seconds slower than this morning leader Alex Albon.

"You just prepare what you can. It wasn't nice days for all the team, but finally we got the car. In the end the team did a good job to build it up as quick as possible.

"Of course there are some compromises, I think so. But finally we got the car, so we can concentrate on our job, and look forward to next week."

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