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All you need to know about the inaugural F1 2019 Season Launch

Liberty Media have released details about the first ever season launch. If you are heading to Australia in March for the race...you will want to read on.

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All you need to know about the inaugural F1 2019 Season Launch
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Ever since Liberty Media acquired the rights for Formula 1 they have been very vocal in saying that they want to put on a great show for the fans and reward the fans. However, following the decision to have even more countries no longer able to show free-to-air races, this attitude has been met with skepticism. With the recent announcement of the first ever ‘Season Launch’ we finally saw a sign of Liberty Media living up to their aims. Now, further details have emerged so if you are heading to Melbourne for the season opener…be sure to read on.


To signal the start of the 2019 FIA Formula 1 World Championship, Federation Square in Melbourne (a short journey on a tram from Albert Park) will host the first ever season launch event on Wednesday March 13th starting at 3:30pm and expected to finish around 8:30pm.

The event is being widely advertised around the city of Melbourne and as it is a free event, a large crowd is being anticipated.

Precise details are being kept under wraps because the organisers do not wish to spoil the surprises but here is what we know so far:

Hosted by Formula 1®, Federation Square will come alive with the free Formula 1® extravaganza as all 20 drivers and all 10 Team Principals along with legends of the sport, will participate in the live stage show, bringing the heroes of Formula 1® to the public for the first time in the sport’s history.

Now of course this information is subject to availability and those in Melbourne last year will recall that some drivers had to withdraw from autograph sessions but…the intention of this event is excellent.

Anyone who has lined up for three to five hours along the Melbourne Walk would be able to tell you that the Australian fans (or at least the fans who attend the race in Australia) are a die-hard group of knowledgeable individuals who will quite happily stand in the burning sun hoping for a glimpse of their favourite driver.

This planned free event in Federation Square will be going one step further (in theory) by providing fans with or without a ticket to the race the opportunity to engage with teams and drivers as they take part in a live stage show.

This event, if done right, could provide Liberty Media with their first big public relations success with fans and teams alike. The weather will most likely be excellent and the setting is certainly picturesque. Therefore, in just over two weeks’ time do not be surprised to see images from this gathering beamed far and wide across the world.

All those associated with Liberty Media would certainly feel like they need some good publicity and if they continue setting up showcases like this then the future of F1 is very bright indeed. All that is left now is to see whether the 2019 regulations result in wheel to wheel overtaking because then Liberty Media really would be onto a winner.


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