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Gasly is not on Verstappen’s level, Marko claims

Following the two crashes during the pre-season testing, the Red bull motorsport advisor Helmut Marko has claimed that Pierre Gasly is not yet on the same level as his team pair.

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 Gasly is not on Verstappen’s level, Marko claims
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Gasly went off the track on his first and last run of his Formula 1 tests at the Circuit de Catalunya, causing a significant car damage during the penultimate day.

As Red Bull ran out of spare parts, Marko underlined how the incident hindered Verstappen’s time on-track, not allowing the Dutch driver to terminate the planned programme and obtain a representative spot in the timesheets.

"In the second crash we ran out of spares, so Max Verstappen could hardly drive on the last day," Marko told APA news agency.

He affirmed that, based on the tests results, Pierre Gasly is still far from the Verstappen’s level.

" What we've seen in the tests is that Gasly is not yet on Verstappen's level.  But we didn't expect that either".

Nevertheless, the Red Bull advisor added that Red Bull will treat Vestappen and Gasly equally in 2019.

"Nothing will change in that way", said Marko.

The Red Bull advisor, remarked how he is satisfied with Gasly’s performance. Despite he was disappointed about the two crashes, warning the French driver over his testing mistakes.

"Apart from the two crashes it was perfect”.

"Especially the second crash hurt us. He should not allow himself to do that anymore."

Marko continued the interview, pointing out his expectations on the upcoming seasons, setting a target of “a minimum of five wins”, being optimistic regarding the Red Bull chances to compete for the Formula 1 championship.

"I believe we have a certain chance of the world championship".

 Finally, he was asked about the Brexit’s implications, and Toto Wolff’s concerns for the UK-based team this year.

"Nothing is eaten as hot as it is cooked," Marko said.  "The country has to keep going.

"There may be one or two inconveniences, or something will be delayed, but that's not so important."



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