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Crash compilation: Hungaroring

This time round I'll give a different spin to the Historical preview piece.

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Crash compilation: Hungaroring
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Formula One is going to the Hungaroring for the 32nd time this season. But the first Grand Prix held in Hungary dates back to 1936, won by the great Tazio Nuvolari driving in a Alfa Romeo entered by Enzo Ferrari. But that happend in Budapest and not in Mogyród, as it does today. 

Many fans dislike the track since it doesn't have many overtaking posibilities, but from the driver's point of view it is quite spectacular. A very technical track with excellent challenges, a Monaco-like track with higher speeds. Spectators do love the track and there is one simple explanation for that. The weather is never a deal breaker. Its first wet race was in 2006, 20 years after the first race... 

It is also home to some special feats, which could have justiefed a proper historical review, but I'm in the mood to watch some clips, hahaha.

The Hungarian track was where Robert Kubica had his debut, giving Poland its first F1 driver. It gave Damon Hill his first win, and he had his near win in the Arrows car here. Together with Hill Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button and Heikki Kovalainen all had their maiden win here. It also became the first track to have a KERS win, when Lewis Hamilton won here in 2009

In 1986 there was a race long battle between the two Brazilians Ayrton Senna and Nelson Piquet, the first in a Lotus and the latter in a Williams. In 1989 Mansell stormed through the field to take victory after starting down in 12th. Unlike Lewis Hamilton last race it was done against more or less equal machinery and he actually had to overtake them on merit, on a track famous for not providing many overtaking posibilities. Some things were better in the past... Hahaha.

Speaking of Hamilton, Hungary is also the place where the famous 2008 season got to its boiling point and errupted.

But today we're here for some clips of crashes;

in 2017 Wehrlein crashed quite heavy during free practice two. And in the race Verstappen earns his vercrashen title.

In 2015 Sergio Perez rolls his car.

In 2011 Nick Heidfeld had his major fire and Jerome d'Ambrosio didn't exactly had a crash but too funny not to share.

In 2010 Kubica and Sutil ended up closer than they would've liked.

And Schumacher tried to have the biggest crash ever.

In 2009 the worst F1 crash in the history of Hungary happend. I was working at the 24 hours of Spa that year and I remember how everyone stopped what they were doing, to watch the telly... During their own qualification. 

For the 2006 race Kimi Raïkkönen makes an appearance on this list. 

In 2003 Ralph Firman had a huge crash after the rear wing of his Jordan detached itself. Hereby it illustrated how imports aerodynamics are for F1. And it gave the first ever Hungarian F1 driver his debut, when Zolt Baumgardner replaced Firman, at the doctor's advice.

For 2002 we have the second Heidfeld appearance, is the pretty Sauber car. 

In 1997 Marquez crashes his Minardi after suffering a front suspension failure.

1996 gave us a spectacular excursion by Martin Brundle.

1995 was the year that Jean Alesi planted his Ferrari rather firmly in to the tyres. 

And the year that Japan's greatest driver tried to take on the medical car... Oh Taki, I bet you like it that people still watch this after so many years. 

In 1994 Coulthard tries to show the wall who is stronger, and he loses out by quite a margin.

In 1991 Patrese crashes his Williams in a clumsy way. 

But to end on a more positive note, 1986 gave us an overtake which is still considered to be one of the greatest in the history of F1.

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