More horses coming for IndyCar’s in 2021

IndyCar engines will produce more horse power and have a bigger displacement in 2021

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More horses coming for IndyCar’s in 2021
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 IndyCar just announced their plans for the engine formula coming in 2021. 

 Drivers were saying they wanted more horsepower they want to go faster and make the cars harder to drive. That is exactly what they will get come 2021 when the current engine suppliers Chevrolet and Honda will build V6 engines up to 2.4 liters as oppose to the current 2.2 liters. Twin turbos will be relevant in 2021 just as they are now.

 Engines will continue to rev up to 12,000 rpm and are expected to have at least 100 additional horsepower, and have more than 900 horsepower when using the push to pass overtake. 

 “The 2.4 liter, twin turbo V-6 engine formula that will introduced for the 2021 season will continue to showcase relevant technologies that we incorporate in our production engines said Jim Campbell, U.S. Vice President of performance vehicles and motorsports for General Motors.The opportunity to transfer learnings in performance, reliability and efficiency between the racetrack and the showroom is very important to Chevrolet.” 

 “The new IndyCar engine formula should be exciting for the fans and an interesting technical challenge for Honda Performance Development." said Art St. Cyr, president of Honda Performance Department. “While the overall architecture remains similar to the current engine, the increased displacement will bring many changes, including a notable increase in power that should please all fans of the sport. In addition, it provides our designers and engines with an opportunity for significant development, which is a challenge welcome at Honda.”

 IndyCar President of competition Jay Frye said additional manufacturers have been involved in the decisions of what to do about the next generation of engines.

 “We’ve talked with a lot of key executives and asked for their opinions, and they’ve all said this is a very relevant platform to what they’re doing,” Frye said. “No announcement of additional manufacturers are imminent, but it feels like we’re on a good path.

 On-track testing of the new engines will begin in the summer of 2020. 

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