Why bumping qualifying at Indy should stay

Here is why the bumping qualifying format in the Indianapolis 500 qualifying should be kept, regardless of the debates that have sprouted over the past week.

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Why bumping qualifying at Indy should stay
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 There has been an immense amount of talk lately about whether or not IndyCar should change the bumping qualifying format for the Indy 500. A couple of different theory’s have come up including a new format similar to the one used by NASCAR known as the charter system, where the format guarantees the full time drivers a starting spot in the full schedule. 

 The bumping format should stay the way it is. 

 The Indianapolis 500 is a race of the fastest thirty three drivers on the grid, not to all thirty five drivers who show up The fastest thirty three has been the tradition for years and years. A lot of people are starting to not like “tradition” but that is what Indianapolis is all about. Each may is a celebration of over one hundred years now of racing. And a lot of the great moments over the years have been from bump day. 

 In 1995 people were left awing when Penske failed to get both of there cars in the field. And in 1993 Bobby Rahal failed to qualify for Indy after winning the championship the year before. 

 These moments make for some low’s, but low’s in life make the high’s that much better. If you make every car able to run in the race there’s no real accomplishment. 

 Right now there were only two cars that did not qualify but back twenty or so years ago there were ten or fifteen guys that did not make the show. It was a big a deal if you made it in. If IndyCar keeps heading the direction it’s going there very well could be that amount of cars going for three or four spots in a couple years. Scuderia Corsa is focused on committing to full time in the future, along with Dreyer and Reinbold Racing. And that is not even counting the new teams that have joined within this season like Juncos Racing, Harding Racing, Carlin Racing and Meyer Shank Racing

 We have seen big rule changes take place in IndyCar and have it turned out on the wrong side. The frequent rating drops in Nascar can be blamed by the amount of rule changes in the just the last couple of years, such as the chase, stage racing, damage repair clock, charter system etc. 

 People are saying how bad it is that Hinchcliffe did not make the show and while it is unfortunate, he is taking it like a true champ by still showing up to the media day in New York. The same can be said about Pippa Mann who was the second driver to not qualify. 

 To sum it up, people like the drama, tradition and accomplishment that comes with qualifying for Indianapolis. And if you have qualified, you have done something. And if you did not you go back and find out how you can do it the next time. What’s that old saying the night is darkest before it is dawn. That’s exactly what comes with coming to Indianapolis in May. 

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