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MotoGP | How should Jump Starts be penalized?

After the races of Austin and Termas, riders had to face an uncommon theme as long as there have been 3 jump starts which destroyed Crutchlow's race in Argentina and Mir and Vinales in Texas. By the moment in which no one got an advantage from that everyone asked if the drive through penalty for jump starts is really fair

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MotoGP | How should Jump Starts be penalized?
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Jump starts is not something really usual in MotoGP and usually the penalty is a classic ride through in which riders have to pass through the pit lane with a limited speed. 

However, in the last two races in Termas de Rio Hondo and Circuit of The Americas, MotoGP had to face three jump starts, first in Argentina with Cal Crutchlow and then in Texas with Maverick Vinales and Joan Mir. Both riders had their race litteraly destroyed by the penalty and they were penalized for a really small movement, almost imperceptible (to notice that everyone had to look the dedicated camera), which did not guaranteed any advantage for them.

For this reason, debates about which penalty should be committed for a jump start were reopened, as long as riders complained a lot about ride through penalty for jump starts, since they did not get any benefit from that. 

Crutchlow was the most angry with that decision and he immediatly reported that to the media after the race, hoping something will change: "Race Direction said that I anticipated my start but I do not agree. Me and my team are really disappointed by the decision they made"

Even Maverick Vinales was not happy for what happened in CoTA but he was more diplomatic and ammitted his mistake: "At the start I made a mistake, which costed the whole race. First of all I thought I had to do a long lap penalty, then I read 'ride through' and in that moment I understood what I had to do".

There was indeed many talks about changing the penalty for jump start and surely in Jerez Race Direction and riders will have a a talk about that; the real point is that rider's race is litteraly destroyed for something that sometimes does not even give any benefit to them, or at least a really small one. 

Someone says long lap penalty (the new one added this year) could be a great solution for this problem as long as will not destroy any race but he is making losing time to the rider who jumped the start. 

To be honest, ride through for a jump start seems to be a really strong penalty, because forces rider to lose 25-30 seconds and consequently the whole race in a normal case.

Return to Europe, so, could be crucial and changing something in MotoGP rules after many requests.

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