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Will MotoGP have a big change about aerodynamics in 2020?

In these days FIM issued a statement in which it was written that ‘grey areas of aerodynamics will be deleted’. This means a change on regulation, but it seems like no one understood about what

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Will MotoGP have a big change about aerodynamics in 2020?
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Something will change in 2020 for MotoGP bikes as long as FIM wants to track a clear situation about aerodynamics’ rules after a lot of talks this year, especially after Qatar’s Race where rear appendix of Ducati were the main focus of all teams except Yamaha, with all other manufacturers who made an appeal against it.

FIM issued an announcement in these days after a Grand Prix Commission meeting where it is explained new rules and news about next season, trying to delete the “grey areas” of the regulation. This is what is written in the statement:

“After a consultation with all MotoGP manufacturers, Grand Prix Commission reviewed and updated aerodynamics’ rules. New one will focus on the ‘grey areas’ that are in the actual regulation including, if required, specific sections on ‘Guidelines on the aerodynamics of the Technical Director’. Proposal was approved unanimously from Grand Prix Commission. Manufacturers will have now time until first 2020 event to design their aerodynamics’ parts before regulation will take effect”

To be honest, FIM could have been more clear about this part for a better comprehension of the statement, but at the moment that is all we have on our hands, as long as “New detailed regulation will be soon available on FIM’s website”. This means that for the moment all we have to do it is just wait until a new announcement by FIM. All we know is that there was an agreement, but we do not know about what.

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