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Johann Zarco could have already ended his season and KTM contract!

After MotoGP race in Austria, French rider from KTM asked to Austrian team to end his contract; that means we could have a crazy scenario not only for this year

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Johann Zarco could have already ended his season and KTM contract!
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Johann Zarco was struggling since the start of the season with KTM, maybe even since first test in Valencia last year where it was clear from the beginning that French rider was not happy about his new bike. Things went even worse during this season, with Johann who never had enough confidence with his bike to find a good result, despite a first row start last week arrived under wet condition, surely not an ideal situation for him.

Relationship between Zarco and KTM was not good as long as French guy released during the year a lot of bad words on Austrian team and about bike development, making KTM leaders angry of course. We can remember some of the quotation that Johann released like “this chassis is sh*t” and it was clear that something was about to happen.

After Austrian’s weekend at Red Bull Ring, we expected some important news from KTM with the first one being Austrian team leaving Moto2 next year (but we will have a talk about that in another piece and time) but the second one seems to be that Zarco asked for an end of his contract. A end of the relationship was predictable, but not already after Austrian’s weekend and that means we have a possible crazy scenario.

French rider could not ride for KTM from Silverstone already, with Mika Kallio replacing him. Stefan Pierer revealed the astonishing news: “Zarco asked to end his contract. We heard his request and we available to find a solution satisfying for both parts. Ending the relationship is the better one”.

Surely not an happy ending, with Pierer who said even some bad things about Johann: “We tried to help Zarco in every way possible giving him all the material he needed to be competitive. He tested a lot of things but he only had negative feedback to release and he even said that Daniel Pedrosa’s work was useless. A rookie like Miguel Oliveira never complained and he did a better job than him with the bike”.

Main thing is now to understand what will happen: “Johann has to told us what he wants to do and if he desires to ride until the end of the season. In case Zarco wants to end relationship already, we will see if Mika Kallio is gonna take his place. I think that Johann is close to a nervous breakdown and due to that he lost the road to follow”

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