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#MotoGP: Lewis Hamilton was impatient to ride the Yamaha M1

Yamaha MotoGP Team Director Massimo Meregalli revealed that Lewis Hamilton was impatient to ride the Yamaha M1 in Valencia during the “swap of the century”, where F1 World Champion rode Valentino Rossi’s bike and the 9 MotoGP Time World Champion had a ride on Hamilton’s F1 Mercedes

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#MotoGP: Lewis Hamilton was impatient to ride the Yamaha M1
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At the end of the 2019 MotoGP season something big happened in Valencia, following the last Grand Prix of MotoGP. Valentino Rossi and Lewis Hamilton have a major sponsor in common – Monster Energy – who organized a ride swap between the two riders in Valencia in December.

That was also called as “the swap of the century”, with Lewis Hamilton who had the opportunity to try an official Yamaha MotoGP, while Valentino Rossi had a ride on 2017 Mercedes, the one who carried Hamilton to his 4th World Title. An historical day for every motorsport fans who where thrilled to see both riders in action. Unluckily, no one said how fast Valentino and Lewis were, but it still remains an astonishing day.

Recently, Massimo Meregali, Yamaha Team Director, had an interview with where he revealed something about that day. We are pretty much sure that what he said will be followed by a big smile on your faces, as Meregalli told that Lewis was literally impatient to jump on the M1 and they had to restrain the Briton from his desire.

“It was more than a promotional day. Hamilton showed up to the circuit very early, we had to stop him. He wanted to get on the bike at 9am, it was too cold!”, firstly said Meregalli.
“We had to change the program as Vale arrived a little late and they wanted Lewis on track as soon as possible, but we could not let him before 11am”.

Anyway, the staff was amazed with Lewis’ performance despite a small crash during that day: “We tried to put the bike in the best condition. It was windy, cold, not an ideal condition, but he stopped only when we showed him the chequered flag”.

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