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MotoGP | Michelin answers to rivals’ impeachment to them and KTM

Despite an historical win in Brno from Brad Binder and KTM, some rivals moved impeachments on them accusing the Austrian team to have done a lot of tests alongside Michelin which helped the crew on getting the victory on Sunday

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MotoGP | Michelin answers to rivals’ impeachment to them and KTM
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Before going fully into Austrian GP weekend at Red Bull Ring, Michelin had to answer to some impeachments moved on them from some MotoGP riders. Brad Binder and KTM clinched an historical win on Sunday in Brno, being the fastest duo on track in the second part of the race.

The Austrian team made a big step up and improved a lot their performances from last year, probably thanks to sever tests did post lockdown. We must remember that KTM and Aprilia are allowed to make that as they are the only teams with concession, so there is nothing illegal with that.

KTM had the chance to try their bike with the official riders in Brno and Austria, which surely was helpful on getting an ideal setup for the race weekend, but over that, some rivals moved accusations about KTM being helped from Michelin on tire choice.

Piero Taramasso, Michelin responsible, wanted to give an answer on that and decided to talk with about the situation. Taramasso explained that Michelin did not do nothing wrong and surely did not help KTM and warned everyone about how much critical were track conditions.

“That was a tough race, the grip was even less than last year. We noticed that were even more holes compared to the past. At the beginning of the weekend, we went to the teams warning them that it would have been necessary to keep tire’s life. Indeed, we had 4 different manufacturers in the top 4 and that means the difference has been made from who managed better the tires”, said Taramasso.

“I did not like that someone said Michelin helped KTM, we decided the tires to bring to the circuit a lot earlier. Even on 2017 someone moved impeachments on us and Ducati as the Italian team made tests in Mugello and Barcelona where they won then”, kept saying Michelin responsible.

“The situation will not chance as we will keep this carcass until the end of the year. Everyone agreed, so I do not see the problem about that. We knew that everyone needed time to fully understand this tire, but at the same time having a compressed calendar did not help on analyzing things in the right way”

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