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MotoGP| Race Preview: Monster Energy Grand Prix České republiky

After two weeks of Short summer break , MotoGP teams return to Czech Republic for the round twelve of the MotoGP calendar

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MotoGP| Race Preview: Monster Energy Grand Prix České republiky
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Track History

Brno is one of the oldest tracks on the MotoGP calendar. Its history dates back to 1930s and have racing background like that SPA and Monza. It wasn’t until 1980 that a dedicated racing track was built, before that races used to hold on roads surrounding villages and towns of Czech Republics’ city. In 1987 the race is held on the newly built Masaryk Circuit, the historical track led through the streets of western parts of Brno and neighboring villages, such as Bosonohy and Žebětín

Before 1993 the race was known as Czechoslovak motorcycle Grand Prix but in 1993 it was renamed to Czech Republic motorcycle Grand Prix. It’s hard to trace back to first winner of motorcycle grand prix but winner of 1993 Motorcycle GP was American legend Wayne Rainey.

Track layout

3.36 miles circuit is one of the longest circuit of the MotoGP calendar. It consist of 6 left – 8 right corners. Longest straight is 636 m. track feature significant elevation changes which produce a technical challenge for the teams – lowest point altitude on track and highest point altitude on track has almost 200 feet difference. The track consist of amazing steep slopes accommodating these altitude changes.

Lap around the Track:

Brno is one of the most brake demanding track on the calendar – riders spend more time on brakes than on full throttle. Riders spend 31s on braking.
First corner isn’t the hardest on calendar but has the longest braking zone of 260 meter – riders have to brake smooth and long.
Turn two is a kink, turn three and four give opportunities of overtaking but after getting overtaken at turn three riders usually try to gain back the position at turn four.

Turn five is the first downhill braking zone where running wide is easy. Turn six and seven are located in stadion section. Turn eight and nine have fast change of direction and again provide open opportunities of overtaking.

Turn ten: ‘Kevin Schwantz’ after a short straight, is bumpiest corner of the track and it also give good opportunity of overtaking. Turn eleven is the uphill braking zone and losing the bike here is easy and many crashes have happened here in the past. Turn twelve, thirteen and fourteen are 90 degree corners.

Going into the Grand Prix

After two weeks of summer break, everyone has high hopes for Brno GP. Its 100th GP of Marc Marquez in premier class, he definitely has high hopes. Like whole year Marc Marquez looks favorite to win the GP, even though, he is not as successful at Brno as he is in Sachsenring. But this year’s combination of him and the Honda bike makes them favorite for the least suitable tracks.

I’ll go to Brno not thinking about the advantage in the Championship, as if we were all still at the beginning, on zero points. The target for Sunday is to try and win, but if the situation won’t allow it, we’ll manage to get the best result possible.” Said Marquez.

Can Yamaha riders disappoint Marc Marquez on his 100th GP and take away the victory? Rossi is the most successful rider at the Brno circuit and he is looking positive for coming two races and is eager to break the Yamaha’s victory less streak.

“Brno is a great track. Last year I was fast, but with MotoGP you never know. It will be crucial for the championship and also for Yamaha that we'll do some good races here and in Austria. We want to secure our first race win of the season.’’ Rossi said.





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