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When will we see Cal Crutchlow back on track?

After Phillip Island's horrible injury, Cal Crutchlow finally talked again about his conditions and what are their feelings now, but he is still not sure when he will be able to ride again a bike.

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When will we see Cal Crutchlow back on track?
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People did not talk too much about Cal Crutchlow's condition after the horrible crash and injury he suffered during the free practice in Phillip Island, but most of all they did not understand how serious it was.

The Briton was diagnosed with what they call fracture of the ankle pylon, a really dangerous one, which could cost him his entire career. Cal crashed into the first corner of the Australian circuit, probably one of the fastest of the whole championship. Luckily, escape routes are wide, but it was not enough for Crutchlow to avoid the injury.

So, the LCR Honda rider had to sustain two delicate operations and a really long rehabilitation period, and is not over yet. But Cal has always been a fighter and surely he did not give up this time, despite this serious accident, and he started training again already, with the bicycle. 

Like we said before, there is still a lot of work to do for Crutchlow to be 100% fit, but he has already made significant steps forward. 

After a long period of silence, the British finally broke the press silence and he talked about his conditions to Dean Adams of

"I am feeling better, my ankle is strong, no doubts about that. Is that enough to ride again a bike? I do not know, in a normal situation people would not even think about riding a motorcycle in my conditon. But I am a rider, in two weeks I should go in Malaysia for the test".

Then he spoke about his injury: "It is usually called frature of ankle pylon, which means that astragalus and part of the foot have passed through tibia and fibula. Tibia has been brooken in two places, fibula in a side point, while astragalus in sixteen places. They blocked my tibia with plates and rebuilt astragalus at the conjoction point; nothing about fibula, because they could not put any more plates in that point. It was a horrible injury".

Despite this, Cal thought he could come back as soon as possible, but then he understood that it would have take longer time: "I thought that two weeks would have been enough to come back. But for six weeks I could not do anything with the leg. I could go with a bicycle but I could not walk, I only did after six weeks. I still have pain, but now I can walk without any problems and I have enough strenght in my ankle. Dr. Matthias Russ did a great job with me!"

Probably no one really understood how serious was Crutchlow's incident, that could cost him his career: "They told me that I could have my ankle locked forever. People did not understand the severity of my injury, but I also did not understand. Do you remember Jim Moody (former TT winner and britannic SBK champion)? He had to retire for the same thing. I did everything to be fit again, just to have a normal life and walk"

The LCR Honda rider believe despite everything he has been really luck and he thanked the MotoGP paddock too that worried about him: "Luckily it did not go worse, sincerly I always have been lucky with injuries. I crashed other times, it is part of our job. In Australia I had an incident when I was going to 320km/h more or less. Pedrosa went down in the same point but he walked away. But I mean, I do not think that I was unlucky, it is part of our sport. Many guys sent me messages and came to visit me at the hospital. The entire Honda crew came and also Ducati's one"

Is there any chance to see Cal Crutchlow in Sepang's test? "I never gave up, I always worked hard, even when I thought that he was ridiculous and I could not do that. But I am an athlete, I want to be active and I did not have any problems with bicycle, even when I could not walk. When could I ride again my bike? In the last three weeks I am feeling better and better! I think that I did a great job on managing this very difficult situation"

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