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MotoGP | Is Qatar's GP start time going to change?

During the last day of testing in Qatar we had many crashes in the last hours due to temperature drop. Some riders asked then to change start time for the race

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MotoGP | Is Qatar's GP start time going to change?
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Temperture drop could be a crucial key during the first race of the season in Qatar, as we could see in the last day of testing.

Many riders suffered crashes during the last hours of day 3 due to temperature drop, especially the Honda one. 

Because of that, there was a lot of talk about safety conditions and some MotoGP guys asked to change start time of the first race of the year in Qatar. 

Carmelo Ezpeleta,
 CEO of Dorna, revealed that the race could start an hour earlier than planned (8pm local time) after the statements of the riders.

Jorge Lorenzo was one of the rider who asked for this change; the three time world champion underlined how cool and windy conditions could be dangerous for everyone.

"Due to temperature drop, I had a big crash at the end of the night. That's why I would like to speak with the guys who will decide the schedule of the race, it would be ideal put it earlier and much better for the safety", he said Jorge.

Ezpeleta, after this words, had a talk with Lorenzo, and he was open to move the race an hour earlier than planned. 

"I had a talk with Jorge and other riders to evaluate the situation. At the moment nothing is decided, but we have to increase the safety of the riders, as long as it is in our hands. If there are really dangerous conditions, we will apply the change"

Of course, if MotoGP is moved an hour earlier, also Moto2 and Moto3 start times will change.

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