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F1 | FIA evaluating removal of final Barcelona chicane

The FIA has evaluated the removal of the final chicane at Barcelona for the Formula 1 track layout.

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F1 | FIA evaluating removal of final Barcelona chicane
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After this race weekend in Spain, F1 has evaluated the removal of one chicane at the last sector of the track.

FIA race director Michael Masi confirmed that returning to the old layout of the track has been considered but it's not a snap decision that could be made as track safety should be examined.

"It's something that we've been looking at for a little while," he said to Motorsport.com

"It's obviously not an overnight change that can be done, and having a look at all of the implications and unintended consequences that may come about.”

"Like all of our circuits and different corners and everything, we work together with the teams, the drivers and F1 in ensuring we've got the safest venue, but also something that promotes good racing."

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya had a modification recently at turn 10 after safety changes.

A circuit statement said:

 "During January, Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya will be reshaping the layout of the current Turn 10, located at the entrance of the legendary Stadium area."

These new turn changes are for Formula 1 and Moto GP.

The Spanish GP track is known for its lack of overtakes, Sebastian Vettel said that one way to fix this could be "to bring back the last two corners" which was the layout from 1991 to 2006. 

After the race, Fernando Alonso said:

"I confirmed the feelings that I had about Turn 10, it changed not much for the overtaking possibilities..."

"I think it's a very similar corner for that aspect, from the old Turn 10. I think it's more fun to drive, because it's faster, and you can carry more speed into the corners. That was a positive thing.”

"But in terms of overtaking, it was not a game-changer. To improve, it's difficult to know. Maybe a little bit extra DRS, right after the last chicane, maybe being able to open the DRS is a possibility for the future, I don't know.”

"Barcelona is always going to be tough for overtaking."

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