A magical, unforgettable, weekend in Imola!

Let’s have a look back past into last weekend in Imola, where I had the opportunity to have a closer look to SBK and breathe the magical atmosphere of the Autodromo Dino and Enzo Ferrari

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A magical, unforgettable, weekend in Imola!
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Despite everything, especially the rain falling down during a disaster Sunday for Superbike’s fans, Imola’s weekend was something really special with an unbelievable atmosphere. Being here for the first time projected me into a new world in which I had to discover so many things.

To be honest, I was not expecting too much, I just came there with the chance of making new experience and going into the media center to work and write everything I could about Superbike, Supersport and Supersport300. It was something totally new for me, beginning from going to the accreditation center to get my media pass and everything I needed for the weekend.

Well, till the moment in which I realized I was close to that place with my car, I was feeling a lot of emotions, it seemed like Imola already catched me by the moment in which I got the exit of the highway. When I finally got my pass I definitely realized that the fun has really begun; it was not just a dream, I was really there!

Before going into circuit and then into the paddock, I had the chance to have a closer look to the track with my car passing outside the circuit as well; being really close to turn like Tamburello and Rivazza was an incredible emotion, I have never been here but just saw the corners in TV or read and listened histories about it. Seeing that from real it just made me conscious why everyone talks about Imola like something magical.

After that, it was the moment to go into the paddock and joining the media center for the first time; it was not my first time into a paddock, but surely going into the media center to work has been something extremely new by my side. Taking place, taking sheets, trying to understand what it was happening to me were my first thoughts at that moment and then I started on learning everything I could, beginning from riders’ stats.

I could not then making a walk through the paddock, hoping to see familiar faces. That atmosphere is always amazing, being close to boxes, motorhomes, hospitalities and bikes has been amazing. Seeing people’s happiness, especially kids’ one excited from having a really close look to the bikes, was also fantastic.

Only thing that disappointed me was not to see many riders, I think it is such a shame, especially when you make a free paddock afternoon: people love to see their heroes, want to have a talk with them or just a photo or an autograph, but it was not easy to find any of them. If you want to make SBK great again, Dorna should be careful about this things, thinking also that Superbike’s mentality has always been a bit different from MotoGP one.

Apart from that, the rest was unbelievable; having the opportunity to being few centimeters next to riders like Jonathan Rea, Chaz Davies, Alvaro Bautista, Leon Haslam, Toprak Razgatlioglu and also the chance of making some questions to them in the interview moment has been something I was not even expecting just one month ago! Everyone was really kind with us on answering to our doubts.

Surely the funniest one was Toprak: the moments in which he needed Kenan Sofuoglu as translator are over but the Turkish rider from team Puccetti still seems to struggle a little with English. Being so close next to podium finishers let you understand better their feeling; a smiling Jonathan Rea after winning Race 1 made me understand how he needed that win and how hardly went for it! You could see it in his eyes and facial expressions, in how he was moving and talking.

It was not just the riders be kind, but also everyone been there; journalists, mechanics and everyone working there were so good and sweet. I had the chance to talk with many of them and making also new friendships and I really hope to see this guys again as soon as possible! Imola’s atmosphere was then so beautiful overall, not only just because it is Imola and you know it is special, like Chaz said after Race 2 cancellation.

I have to spend some words about that as well; the rain falling down just after a thrilling Supersport Race was surely not ideal and ruined a bit a magical weekend for the fans who came there to see a fantastic show! Talking about a threat like safety is not easy and everyone has their opinion; it is a really complicated topic, especially for Race Direction. Someone was a bit upset with Race 2 cancellation, other ones agreed with that. You know, it is never easy saying something about that and everything concerning safety, everyone will always have different opinions.

Anyway, despite the rain, like I said at the beginning, Imola’s weekend for me was a mix of unbelievable emotions which I want to feel again as soon as possible. Leaving the track and coming back to home was like a drama, but you know, you have to!

Now I am looking forward to the next races, focusing on next grand prix with a piece of heart still in Imola. I am just excited from everything I saw during this weekend and what I felt, I loved the rain and the drama as well, even if it is hard to believe! I cannot wait to do this again and talking about Superbike with all of you guys.



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