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The most famous Formula 1 radio show is back with the sassiest radio communications: Formula 1 Radio is back! Guess who’s on top of our Hit Parade in Radio Singapore  and who earned our Special Prize.

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Formula 1 Radio - Radio Singapore
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Ladies and gentleman, from a very high, high tower in Singapore, welcome!

This is Formula 1 Radio, the most hilarious radio show of all time with no singers at all (sorry Carlos, you still have to practice a little!, you smooth operator). 

No, we’re not airing from a pool on a tower with a cocktail in our hands, because, trust us, it was really hard to check all the radio communications from the race weekend. 

Radio check.”
Max Verstappen - “Radio check.”
“Loud and clear.
Max Verstappen - “Radio check.”
“Yeah radio is good.
Max Verstappen - “Radio check.”
Max Verstappen - “Radio check.”
Max Verstappen - “Radio check.”
Max Verstappen - “Radio check.”
Loud and clear.” (Pre - race)

See? We told you! 

Max, we can hear you, calm down!

Lewis Hamilton - “Just che… or.”
Transmission just cut out for a second, can you please repeat?
Lewis Hamilton - “Just check this is a clear visor.”
“Okay.” (Q1)

Don’t worry, Lewis, we can hear you as well. 

To Alex Albon - “Adjust you balaclava, adjust your microphone.” (FP3)

Well, maybe..

Kevin Multifunction Bravo 7 to position 3. B7 to position 3 when you can, performance.
Kevin Magnussen - “Bravo? Did you say bravo?”
“B bravo, 7 to position 3, correct.” (Race)

Oh, Kevin, you and our beloved Romain have been confirmed in Haas for next year, but I think it is too much now. Right, Guenther?

Radio check.”
Kimi Raikkonen - “Okay, it sounds just a couple boh than normal.”
Yeah, it’s because we’re on the grid, there are a lot of interferences.
Kimi Raikkonen - “It’s very loud, hey, it’s very loud so please be careful.”
“I will not speak.”
Kimi Raikkonen - “F**k, it’s crazy loud. I don’t know why. But hey don’t speak loud.” (Pre -  race)

Obviously. Dear Alfa Romeo, we suggested, more than once, that Kimi may be deaf, considering he will be 40 years old in less than a month, but please. It was just a joke!

Okay. Let’s do a start?
Kimi Raikkonen - “Do you want me to start here or in the pit lane?”
“Yeah, here.” (FP1)

Yeah, it is better if we start now!

Yeah we’ve got 10 minutes, Lance.”
Lance Stroll - “‘Till we go back out or do you want me back in the car in ten minutes?”
“‘Till we go back out.

Lance Stroll - “Okay.” (FP1)

Lance I said now! Ah, these Formula 1 drivers.

Lewis Hamilton - “Let’s go, lights out, let’s go!”
“Ok copy.”
Lewis Hamilton - “Come on guys, don’t waste anymore laps.” (Race)

Sebastian Vettel - “Can’t see anything, so I’m blind.” (FP1)

Engine 5 position 2.
Pierre Gasly - “I can’t. I’d like to do it, but I can’t see anything, there’s so much oil.” (Race)

Oh, seriously, do you really want to complain all the time? 

Lewis Hamilton - “Just check, I got damage on my car, Sainz almost pushed me in the wall.”
“Okay, we’ll have a look
.” (FP1)

Charles Leclerc - “Yeah, the traffic is horrendous.” 
“Copy, understood. You can do another lap and then a push. 
Charles Leclerc - “But I need to get out of the way, though. I don’t know, it’s dangerous like this.” (FP2)

Lance Stroll - “So close to the car in front. ***** no way to back up. Too much pressure, there’s nothing I can do. No grip, cause I was like 5 seconds from… *****! 
Copy Lance.” (Q2)

Carlos Sainz - “Do you think I will find traffic?” (FP1)

Oh, yes, Carlos. Singapore it’s like Montecarlo, famous for its tight streets, parties and traffic.

Charles Leclerc - “I might make it. I pass to the left of the ball out, but I don’t have the choice anyway. I’m going still on the fast lane.”
Okay, copy.” (FP1)

Charles Leclerc - “Try to send me without anybody. **** because having Lewis in front… yeah, it destroyed my lap completely.” 
Yeah understood.” (Q3)

Antonio Giovinazzi - “Yeah, the drink is loosing a lot of water.”
“Copy Antonio.
” (FP2)

“Try you drink. How is your drink?
Alex Albon - “Yep, all okay.” 
“Copy, and read is still good.” (Pre- race)

Guys, leave the party and come back to the garage, come on!

We enjoyed the parties, but obviously, Romain and Kevin gave us some good radio communications. 

Kevin box now.”
Kevin Magnussen - “Mate what you’re doing is way too late.”
“Understood, just go mode push, you’re okay
.” (Race)

Are you OK? Are you OK?
Romain Grosjean - “Yeah, we just need to avoid talking into the corners.”
“Apologies.” (FP2)

Romain Grosjean - “It’s impossible to overtake, impossible! F**k!(Race)

Romain found the way to leave a mark on the Singapore race: he wanted to cause at least one Safety Car. 

George Russell - “**** is he doing?”
“Yeah, copy.”
George Russell -” I shouldn’t be surprised. Sorry guys.” (Race)

Are you OK? Are you OK?
Romain Grosjean - “I think yeah. I think the front wing is completely dead. I think he forgot I was there mate.” (Race)

And this is nothing compared to what they said about the amazing duo!

Kevin Magnussen - "What the hell? I don't know if I have damage, guys. I think I must have damage."
"Okay, understood." (FP2)

Sergio Perez - "Opening up the lap.. he tries to.. f**k my lap up!" (FP2)

Sebastian Vettel - “Magnussen, what’s he doing then? Just sleeping!” (FP2)

How lovely is this?

Lando Norris - “What’s this guy doing?” (Race)

Ehm, Lando, that wasn't Romain. 

Obviously, misunderstandings were a big part of our weekend too.

OK Nico, you’re riding the throttle under braking. So please keep your foot clear of the throttle.”
Nico Hulkenberg - “What are you talking about? I’m not.”
“We see it in the data, Nico. Not right now but generally speaking. You have been riding the throttle under braking and that obviously caused a problem. So at the restart just to avoid that if possible please.”(Race)

Lewis do you think you have the pace to stick with the leaders?
Lewis Hamilton - “I think so. Not sure I have the pace to pass them.” (Race)

Yes Lewis. This is not a joke, this is not James, but this is correct: the last time your engineer said this to you during a race you were still in GP2!

Valtteri, it’s James. Can you do 48.8, please? We gave you first stop.”
Valtteri Bottas -“That was his decision to go long, I guess so.”
“Yeah, affirm, Valtteri. I just need to make sure we can get these tyres far and work as a team. I’ll pay it back to you.” (Race)

And sorry Valtteri. This was James, for real, and this wasn’t a joke. We are really, really, deepened sorry. 

Max Verstappen - “I need more power!”
“Negative, this is the best solution for the moment, Max.” (Race)

This is still not your time, Max, wait for next year. Honda will deliver: just think that Alonso is still waiting…

Okay Kimi we would like to reduce your pace to 1 second per lap.
Kimi Raikkonen - “Why?”
“At the moment we are out of the points and we want to try to delay the car behind.” 
Kimi Raikkonen - “Helping who, coming?” 
"Perez is 5 second behind.”
Kimi Raikkonen - “Yeah I understand, but we are out of the points and we are in front with Antonio, so, why?”
“Okay, forget all that, keep pushing.” (Race)

Hey, Alfa Romeo, the man is almost 40, but his brain is still good!

DRS enabled. Come on, Dany.”
Daniil Kvyat -“Come on, just ***** turned on me. Unbelievable. We have car damage I think. **** Raikkonen.”
”Follow the reference.”
Daniil Kvyat - “Moved under braking! Moved under ****** braking.” (Race)

 Okay, I know what I just said, but.. Please, Dani, calm down. 

You have Kubica behind on prime.”
Daniil Kvyat - “I don’t give a f**k!” (Race)

Maybe not today.

It is time for our Hit Parade, isn’t it? 

This time our Podium is completely dedicated to our Ferrari boys. Here’s what happened all weekend long.

Sebastian Vettel went from God to nothing in less than 10 minutes in Q3. Charles did it again, Pole Position!

Sebastian Vettel - “Ok abort. Messed it up in 18.” (Q3)

Charles Leclerc - “Woooooo! Aaaaah! F**k! Look at that! Oh my god! Look the lap! Ah! I’ve lost control I think.. three times in the lap! F**k! Yes! Well done guys!” (Q3)

But then, on Sunday, the race started and, apart from Antonio Giovinazzi’s 4 laps as leader, Ferrari dominated almost the entire race.

Lewis Hamilton - “He can’t really go much slower.”
“Copy Lewis, we’re still in the pit window.” (Race)

Calm down, Lewis it’s not your turn today. But our 5 time world champion tried everything to win this, changing Ferrari’s strategies.

Lewis Hamilton - "Let's undercut him."
“Ok Lewis box opposite to Leclerc.”
"Okay Lewis, it's Hammertime."
Lewis Hamilton - "Tell me what you want me to do. Hard to keep this pace up."
"Just keep giving it everything, Lewis." (Race)

To Sebastian Vettel - “Hamilton stayed out, so he’s coming in this lap, head down.” (Race)

We need to push as much as you can.”
Charles Leclerc - “Yeah but what the hell!” (Race)

Charles Leclerc is not an easy one: he wants what is his, and he will fight for it!

Charles Leclerc - “If I need to push harder.. I can. Just so you know.”
“Copy understood.
” (Race)

And not without controversy.

Charles Leclerc - “To be honest with you I don’t understand at all the undercut. But yeah..We’ll discuss it after the race, but..” 
“Charles it was the best scenes we could do. Head down, the race is long. You’re doing a super job. Watch your tyres and head down.” 
Charles Leclerc - “My head is down and it will be down until the race, but I just want to let you know my feelings.” (Race)

Ay ay ay! (Read this with Carlos Sainz voice).

To Sebastian Vettel - “You’ll be racing Charles at the restart, watch for space, don’t take any risk.” (Race)

At the restart we do SOC 7 again, that will help.”
Charles Leclerc - “I want everything. Even engine mode.”
“Charles we need to bring the car home, Charles, manage the PU and bring the car home.

Charles Leclerc - “Yeah, yeah, I won’t do anything stupid. It’s not my goal. I want us to finish as 1-2, but I think it’s not fair. But yeah, this won’t change, I won’t be stupid for Ferrari.” (Race)

I’m so sorry Charles, you know you think this was yours, but there was already a lion in Singapore.

Yes Sebastian! P1! Nice job! One and two for Ferrari! Awesome job! Well managed! Enjoy the fireworks. Here is awesome as usual. You are the lion of Singapore! How many wins did you have?
Sebastian Vettel - “Hahahha.”
“Hahah many!”
Sebastian Vettel - “Five! Five!”
“Five right for car number 5!?
Sebastian Vettel -“Exactly grazie.”
“Well done.” (Checkered flag)

I guess he was too emotional to speak Italian this time! 

Slow button on. P2!”
Charles Leclerc - “Yeah I know, but it’s okay. We’ll speak later.”
“Copy understood
.” (Checkered flag)

Okay, well done, Lewis! So that mate is P4. Sorry the gamble didn’t pay off.”
Lewis Hamilton - “Aah that was a poor effort man. That was not good. You don’t go from second to fourth.” (Checkered flag)

Sorry Lewis. This is sad for you, and for Ferrari too: this should’ve happened fifteenth Grand Prix ago. 

And our Special Prize: Honeslty, what are we doing here? Goes to Renault.
Honestly, build a better car next year. 
I need more Daniel’s team radio like this.

Daniel Ricciardo - “We’re not ******* around tonight. Let’s go boys. Let’s **** go.”
“Let’s get them boy!” (Race)

A free Honey Badger out in Singapore, I repeat! 

That’s all from Singapore. We’ll come back to our cocktail before heading to Russia. See you in Sochi!

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