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F1 | Saudi Arabian GP | Mercedes disappointed by their qualy despite 1-2. Wolff: “The drivers were not at all happy with the car”

The Mercedes team principal talks with a group of selected media – including MotorLat – on several topics, from today’s performance to Ferrari, the long decisional times by the FIA and much more.

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F1 | Saudi Arabian GP | Mercedes disappointed by their qualy despite 1-2. Wolff: “The drivers were not at all happy with the car”
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After the qualifying in Riyadh, Toto Wolff met some media, including MotorLat, to discuss about some topics, like this qualifying that did not go as expected for them, and comments about Ferrari and the long decisional times taken by the FIA during the last incidents.

“We weren’t quick enough today. I think our cars were good for P2 and P3 – Wolff admitted – and probably the drivers underperformed the car. Max could have been in pole. We have to analyse because it’s not what we expected today, we weren’t ourselves but the race is totally different.”

During the last race, the Qatar GP, Mercedes dealt with a puncture and on this new track, there are the soft tyres among the chosen ones for this race. The media asked the boss what is the lesson learnt from Qatar and if they are concerned about another puncture to happen here as well.

“We have definitely learnt that we cannot try to stay with zero rubber, that’s what we learnt from Qatar” – the Austrian replied.

In the beginning of the media event, Toto said that some aspects have not worked out as planned but the following question was explicitly about where Mercedes did lose time against Red Bull.

We were pretty equal on the straights but we have been losing at the high speeds, but also in the last parts of qualifying also in the low speeds. The drivers were not at all happy with the car. It has been understeering, other problems… You name it” – Wolff stated.

Ferrari, on the other hand, is getting stronger. The Prancing Horse, after the last terrible season, is seemingly recovering some ground in the last part of the 2021 one with a new, empowered engine. The Mercedes team principal was asked what his impressions on the Italians’ performances are, in relation to next year’s regulation coming in in 2022.

They will absolutely be in the mix next yearhe said immediately – their aero dynamical development has improved very much in relation to the last season, they have good resources, they have all that is needed and we absolutely have them on the radar. But not only Ferrari, there are a few of other teams that can do very well next year.”

Talking about the new regulations, MotorLat asked Wolff what he thinks that the FIA can do to improve on reducing the very long decisional times on the incidents.

It’s such an intense championship, the fights happen everywhere. The stewards are in the most difficult position, there is always someone who is not happy, I have been in that place. So, I don’t think there is an immediate action that can be made, we all just have to look back at this championship and see where we can improve.”


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